Grimaldi lines


Grimaldi lines

The Grimaldi’s are involved in nautical activity since the 14th century when the archives of Naples kingdom refer that the 3 Grimaldi brothers chartered 3 of their ships to the Queen.

During the 19th century Gioacchino Lauro founded a shipping enterprise and his son Achilles shared the same passion with his father and created Europe’s most important private fleet.

                Achilles brother had a son Guido, he and his brothers acquired a vessel that was a cargo ship used by the U.S fleet during the 2nd World War which gave rise to the most important privately owned fleet.

                After the war, Grimaldi shipping services focused on the Mediterranean to South Africa line. There was an increased demand for comfort and quality in the Mediterranean to South Africa line which led to the upgrade of the fleet with modern vessels. In 1960 the group bought freighters and tankers. The group started operations in a line between Italy and United Kingdom mainly as a vehicle transporter. That activity quickly won the trust of major car manufacturers who wanted to ship their vehicles between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. The Group soon expanded to also serve roots from Northern Europe to West Africa and to South America.

                Grimaldi lines also own a fleet that can currently carry passengers. They Vessels can carry up to 2300 passenger each with luxury and some vessels carry even more passengers. The vessels are equipped with restaurants, casinos, solariums and other amenities.

                The fleet is comprised of the following ships. The cruise vessels Roma and Barcelona with 225 meters length and a beam of 30 meters can reach a speed of 28 knots and are equipped with 500 cabins and 150 inclining seats. The vessels have a capacity of 2300 -2850 passengers and 2300 to 3000 linear meters plus 215 cars garage capacity. The forth mentioned two are vessels that have a lot of amenities such as a restaurant, a self service cafeteria, a pool bar, disco casino and a mini market.

                The Sorrento is a ro/pax ship sailing under the Italian flag since 2003. It is equipped with comfortable cabins, a dining room, a self service restaurant, a café and an outdoor bar.

Catania is a ro/pax ship. It is also under the Italian flag since 2003. It has 96 cabins and it provides amenities such as a living/ dining room, a self service restaurant, a café room and a bar outdoors.

                Ikarus palace is a ro/pax ship of 200 meters length, 26 meters beam, 181 inclining seats and roughly 190 cabins. Its amenities include a restaurant, a self service restaurant, fast food, bar, nursery, swimming pool, slot machines. It should be noted that this vessels operates in the Italy Greece passenger line. A line where there are some competitors to Grimaldi lines.

                Zeus palace is a passenger ferry built in 2001 and modernized in 2005. It has a length of 211 meters and a beam of 25 meters. It is equipped with 202 cabins and 155 seats. It has a bar, disco, and an a la carte restaurant as well as a self service restaurant. There are 1950 linear meters in the garage.

                The Euroferry Brintesi is a ro/pax vessel with a capacity of 598 seats and 42 cabins. Its amenities include a bar/self service restaurant.